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This is a essential tool for using GitHub Page as Pelican blog. With this tool, I don’t need to manage two repo; one for generator, and the other for output, the actual blog. Because this does all the messy things. You just need to make github and that’s all.

It took a lot of time to find how to manage Pelican blog with Github, and the answer was on the right by me. Let’s read the document carefully, and don’t waste time.

Supported Syntax Highlight List

There is syntax highlighter for python. Praise Python! Pygmets, It is called. And this is the link for the list of supported Sytanx


In order to develop/customize theme of Pelican, Jinja2, I need. For using VIM, I found Vim-Jinja2-Syntax.


cd ~./vim_runtime/source_not_forked
git clone
git add Vim-Jinja2-Syntax
git commit -m "add jinja plugin"

How to Use

Jinja2 is HTML template, so usually its extension is *.html. Thus, VIM usually recognize it as HTML file. So, I have to set filetype to jinja to use this plugin.

:set filetype=jinja
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