My First Accepted Github Pull Request

Last night, I’ve applied Typogrify to this blog. It’s a default plugin in Pelican.

But I found strange result. The title has unnecessary glitch on it. In the pelican source, I could find that Typogrify is adding the tag intentionally. Then, the template should be remove that. Jinja2 has striptags filter.

I’ve tested the following code.

from typogrify.filters import typogrify
from jinja2.filters import do_striptags

print(TEST_STR) # Hello WORLD
print(typogrify(TEST_STR)) # Hello <span class="caps">WORLD</span>
print(do_striptags(typogrify(TEST_STR))) # Hello WORLD

Each libraries work as expected. Then it was the time to check the template files. And apparently, in aritcle.html, striptags filter wasn’t applied to article.title variable.

I forked pelican-blue template source, and cloned it to my local direcotyr, and created a commit, and pushed it into my cloned repo, and created a pull request.

And this morning, it’s merged!

I’ve reported some issues on some open source project, but this is the first time that my code is included in the existing project.

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